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HP 2070

Dual-Band: 2m And 70cm Bands
Available Version for USA ham band (146 & 445 MHz)
Versions "For Middle East only" are manufactured according to Saudi standards.
Product Number:
2210305.05 HP 2070
2210305.05 HP 2070 (For Middle East only)
Electrical Data:
Type: VHF: 1/4 λ
UHF: 5/8 λ
Radiation: Omnidirectional
Polarization: Linear vertical
Frequency range:
HP 2070:
VHF: 141-149 MHz UHF: 422-447 MHz
HP 2070 (For Middle East only):
VHF: 136-174 MHz UHF: 422-447 MHz
Systems: 2m-HAM, 70cm-HAM, ORBCOMM M2M, TETRA
Gain: VHF: 0 dB ref. to a λ/4 whip
UHF: 2 dB ref. to a λ/4 whip
Max Power: VHF: 150 W (CW)
UHF: 100 W (CW)
Grounding protection: DC-Ground
Connector: UHF-male (PL-259)
Mechanical Data:
Materials: Chromed brass, Stainless Steel 17/7 PH, Nylon
Height (approx): 445 mm / 1.46 ft
Weight (approx): 270 gr / 0.6 lb
Mounting type: On-Connector
Suitable Accessories:
Magnetic Mount: PM-100 PL (P/N:2502502.05)
Magnetic Mount: PM 125 PL (P/N:2502602.05)
Cable: HP-AC/U Angular Connector (P/N:2510805.00)