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Our history...

Giuseppe Grazioli began his business and founded Sirio Antenne in 1972 in Volta Mantovana.

He had the intuition to believe in 'WIRELESS' communications, at the time exclusively for military use, and to dedicate himself to the development of broader applications for civilian use, contributing to a new form of communication which has now become of common use.

The company, on the market for over 50 years, has 4 production sites for approximately 6000 square meters entirely dedicated to research, development, production and marketing of professional and amateur antennas, today managed by the daughter Stefania, who has been working for over 30 years in the company.

Female presence

Human resources

Sirio Antenne has around 60 people divided between employees and external collaborators.
In over 50 years of activity, we have created a close-knit and cohesive, specialized and expert working group.

Staff training is an important aspect of the company which aims to qualify each individual element and stimulate the individual responsibility of each member.


Made in Italy

The quality of raw materials is our strong point. Thanks to the attention we pay to the production processes, we can boast highly reliable products that guarantee excellent quality products.

We have chosen to focus on the added value of a product designed and made in Italy. Sirio Antenne has always stood out in international markets for the courageous decision to maintain production entirely in Italy by selecting subcontractors and suppliers on the national territory. This allows effective and direct control of the supply chain.